The Borough of Clark
2798 Winner Road
PO Box 513
Clark, PA 16113


Office Hours - Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9am to 1pm


Council Meeting - Council meetings are always held on the first Tuesday of each month, unless noted. 

February 1 at 6 pm

Clark Borough Annual Yard Sales are always the 1st Saturday in August, from 9am-3pm.

Grove City Education Center for Adults is offering FREE GED Instructions.  They are also asking for Volunteer Tutors.  Call the Borough Office for more information.
Borough Information

Refuse Disposal
Tri County Industries
159 T.C.I Park Drive
Grove City, PA 16127
Phone: 724 662-2510
Website: Tri-County Industries

Tri County Industries has provided a dumpster for the collection of refuse behind the Municipal Building.

Police Protection - For Emergencies Dial 911
The Hermitage Police Department
800 North Hermitage Road
Hermitage, PA 16146
Phone: 724 983-6780 (Non-emergency)
Website: Police Department - City of Hermitage

Fire Protection
Clark Volunteer Fire Company
2798 Winner Road
Clark, PA 16113
Phone: 724-962-1330
Website: Clark Volunteer Fire Company - Station 99

Sewer Billing and Inquiries
Monica Simko
PO Box 512
Clark, PA 16113
Phone: 724-944-6011

Sewer Inspection
Clark Borough Garage
PO Box 513
Clark, PA 16113
Phone: 724-962-0264

Zoning Enforcement Officer
Alvan Harakal, III
2798 Winner Road
Clark, PA 16113
Phone: 724 962-5821

Tax Collector
Lori McKnight
PO Box 515
Clark, PA 16113
Phone: 724-962-4126



Monthly Meetings

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